Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taking a Moment For Myself

I'm just sitting here at Starbuck's. Just Me. I could say that every moment with my children is bliss and I miss them every time I'm away. But I won't. I have discovered something important about myself this past few months and it's really given me the ability to let the guilt go. I need time to focus on myself occasionallly. I need to get excercise and I need to have some sort of creative outlet. I think if I am a better person, I am a better Mommy. Sounds simple enough, but how many Moms out there really take care of themselves? For me, a stay at home Mom, it is my job to take care of others. It's really the only job that you won't get a break from unless you seek one. We need to seek breaks! Right now I hope my kids are seeing me as Mommy, but also a person who also has hobbies and interests.

In other news, the family I took photos of got their disc on Monday and the Mom sent me a really sweet email thanking me. They loved the photos and said if I get to the point someday where I want to do it professionally, they will refer peole to me. She also gave me specific feedback about which were favorites, which was really helpful. Loved this!

I am going to do a little shoot for my friend Camille and her two little girls this afternoon. Camille has been a good friend of mine ever since our 5 year olds were born and we were in PEPS together. (For the Non-Seattle Moms, PEPS is an amazing program that forms groups of new Moms who live near each other. It is an awesome thing!) I am so excited to do pics of people I know really well. I think the comfort level will help things flow really naturally.

Off to bootcamp now. Or, as my 5 year old sometimes calls it "boob camp". She thinks she's hilarious. And? She kind of is.

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