Thursday, September 16, 2010

oh, the nerves.

Like I've explained before, I am very new to this photography thing and am loving learning all about it! Our former nanny has pics of my kids all over her office (of course my pics she prints off of the blog of FB) and one of her coworkers asked if I would be willing to take family pics for her. She wanted to pay me! Of course I said I would do it, without pay. I am in serious "practice" mode and could definitely not accept money. She told me "I know you say you are an amateur, bot I just love your photos and I think it will be wonderful." Gulp. I'm kind of scared. So send some kind thoughts my way and any tips for me would be great.


  1. Bec onfident. You are great! Make it a learning experience. Thats all you can do, take tons and tons fo pictures. what do you edit with?