Thursday, December 23, 2010

Before and After Blog Hop

Been away from the blog for way too long, I promise soon a lengthy post about Disneyland, including lots of pics (ok, I can't really promise anything right now...)
I thought I'd go ahead and play along with Pixel Perfect's Before and After this week.

Before. We were just messing around and I snapped a few pics of the kids. This looked yucky to me SOOC, but I thought I saw some potential...

I must say that I think this is lovely. My little Mac is 18 months old already!

Here is what I did (if I remember correctly)
First I tweaked the color a bit using magic seesaw, mostly to tone down some yellows. Then I used Everday Elements Deep clean 1 to pop and brighten the eyes. I also evened out skin tone a bit. Then I ran Everday Elements Florida action tweaked the layers a bit. Then I felt it really needed a good crop, and I think the crop is the best part of the edit:)


  1. great edit! The really made the eyes sparkle

  2. What a beautiful edit for a precious face! The background is amazing too. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Amazing...I love this! :)