Friday, November 12, 2010

PEPS + L.A. = Amazing

We are the most fortunate to live in Seattle because of a little program called PEPS. This stands for program for early parent support and it really is life changing. You are matched with other brand spankin' new Mommies (sometimes Dads too, but I did a group with only Moms) who live in your neighborhood or very nearby. The sort of formal part of the group lasts for 12 weeks and meets once a week with a volunteer leader. Each meeting begins with some sort of discussion involving your highs and lows of the week. As a new Mom, this was so cathartic! It also felt so wonderful to know that other people are having the same sort of lows (and highs) that you were. It made me feel normal. The next part of the meeting would usually be a group discussion about a topic relating to new parenthood. Feeding babies, sleep issues, relationship with your partner, brain development. You name it, we probably discussed it. Our group clicked so amazingly well. I had suddenly acquired 14 new best friends! When else does this happen in your life?
We have now been together for 5 years and we don't meet every single week anymore (but we sure try), we still have a bond that just continues to strengthen. Some of those newborn babes are in kindergarten! We do girl's weekends at least 2 times a year and Mom's nights once a month. Many things are different in our lives, most have a second child, some have a third. Some now live out of state, some are no longer married. Trying times, joyful times, sleepless times, we've shared all of these. I liked the way one friend put it as we toasted each other at a dinner out in a recent weekend in L.A. "No matter what else changes in our lives, we will always be here for each other." This is such comfort. I love these girls.
We spent 3 days in L.A. last weekend and as usual, it was a blast! Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip. Of course, some of the girls couldn't be there, but they were of with us in spirit:) For any of you readers out there who don't know me, I am the blonde with the pink sweater. Now you can put a face to the name!

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