Monday, August 26, 2013

Forty what???

It just hit me the other day. One day I was a Mom of young kids in my 30's and all of a sudden. Boom. I'm 41. I know, I know. It's not old really. You see, I remember my parents being this age and well, it doesn't seem like it was all that long ago. Also? I swear to you I am going through menopause. You know when I started to feel different? 41 and a half. On the dot. My family can attest to my craziness. I have been so irritable. Which can only be topped by what I can only assume are hot flashes. Oh, the hot flashes! If I could rip my sweat soaked head off, I would. If I could peel my skin off, I would. Oh yeah, how could I forget the incredible lack of energy? It is downright depressing sometimes. I still have 3 young children to raise, how on earth am I going to manage it? Then again, it has been a crazy year for us. Leaving Seattle to move to Omaha. Then, exactly one year later, packing up the brood and heading back to the Pacific NW. I'm not going to lie. I haven't exercised in about 7 months and my diet has been pretty deplorable. I'm guessing that 75% of what ails me can be cured by exercise. So I'm going to pull out my yoga pants and tennis shoes (who am I kidding? I've been wearing them all year, just not to work out in) and get back into shape. It can't hurt, right? In other news, we are counting down the days (less then a week!!) until school starts. Another new school for the kids. We are all full of a bit of anxiety. But excited too. Starting school means routine and friends (for me and the kids!). The kids have been lonely. I don't know what is with this street where we live. There are no people. I mean, there are people, but where are they? We haven't really met a soul here and I'm longing to feel like a part of something again. I know the kids share this feeling. I am glad we decided to rent for the year so we can be sure that our next house is our forever house. I'm pretty sure we cannot survive many more moves! If we really like the school we will make a commitment to find a home within the boundaries of the school. This might be tough, but I really don't want our kids to have to move schools again. However, we really want to love where we live. I am really going to make an effort to turn this blog into something better, document my love of photography and share a little of my life. I know I love to read blogs. All kinds of blogs. So I figure somebody else out there, might just be interested in reading mine.

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